What celebrate today in World and Russia on July 31 ?

July 31 marked World Ranger Day. Also today is the Day of the Hawaiian Flag. There are holidays, but there are memorable dates. Holidays are invented to have fun, spend time with family and friends at a festive table or near a stage at a concert, ci-ib.ru reports. Memorable dates bear more historical load or call to remember representatives of some profession.

Every year on this day celebrate the Day of the park ranger. The holiday appeared in 2007 to commemorate the work of the rangers for nature protection, as well as honor the memory of those who died during the performance of their duties.

In English, the word “ranger” means “forester”, “hunter”, “policeman”. The appearance of the term dates back to the 17th century. The so-called English soldiers. In the modern world, this word often means a representative of the police or military, who maintains law and order during various operations.

Today, however, it is a professional holiday of park rangers engaged in environmental protection and animals. The responsibility of the park ranger includes protection and conservation of nature protection zones, wild animals from poachers and other encroachments of civilization.

For the first time this holiday was celebrated in 2007, which was marked by the 15th anniversary of the International Federation of Rangers.

This organization itself appeared in 1992. It was created by specialists from Scotland. The reason for the creation of such an organization was a sad statistics of the death of rangers by the hands of poachers, ready to go to great lengths to obtain the desired trophy.

Russia celebrate today July 31, 2013: The Day of the Hawaiian Flag


Hawaiian Flag

Hawaiian Flag

This memorable date appeared in 1990. It was proclaimed by the governor of the islands, John Waihee III.

The flag of the Hawaiian islands was coined by the monarch. King Kameamea the Great in the early 19th century came up with the design of the national flag.

The main background is alternating horizontal stripes of white, red and blue. They are a symbol of the eight main states of Hawaii, writes therussiantimes.com.

Above in the left corner is the British flag for a reminder of the historical relations with this country, as well as its protectorate.
The main merit of Kamehame the Great is the unification of the Hawaiian Islands into one independent state, writes readweb.org. Before this monarch took the throne, each island was ruled by a separate ruler.

The whole world recognized the unification of the islands. And then the development of trade in furs, sandalwood and the export of coffee and pineapple began.

The monarch appreciated the relationship with Great Britain. In 1793 some of the islands were transferred to her. In fact, the country did not participate in the transaction.

This holiday residents of the islands celebrate noisily and widely.

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