5 Sim Numbers in single phone, Here how you can do it on your device

Verizon’s ‘My Numbers’, a new app for Android lets you add 5 Sim Numbers in a single smartphone with unlimited domestic calling and texting.

This allows you to add personal and business line on a single phone, however, each line costs you $15 per month. But if you a really good reason for having a new number, the price shouldn’t stop you. Each line in My Numbers comes with unlimited calls and SMS, and you can sync the call and message records across up to five different phones.

Verizon’s My Numbers supports individual control of the numbers as well, meaning you could have the business line active only during the working hours. However, any messages beyond working hours go to voicemail. Verizon also supports porting these virtual numbers to another carrier. You can download the ‘Verizon My Number’ app from Play Store.

Keena Grigsby, director of product marketing for Verizon said:

My Numbers is a great solution for entrepreneurs, customers with side hustles, and for those who just want the convenience and flexibility of having multiple phone numbers without the hassle of carrying around a separate phone.


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